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My name is Love (Lyubov`). I love nature, animals and I love to draw. I decided to combine my passions and you can see the product of it. Each of my drawings are made with love. No matter if it is a little sketch or any sort of a painting or a drawing.
All of materials I am using are of professional grade, archival and lightfast, that means it will last a lifetime. I`m looking forward to open a souvenir store with my drawings soon. I will do my best to help you to make a special gift for someone you love, to bring joy and positive emotions for yourself by looking at my work or catch your beloved pet in a drawing that will help you to keep the sweetest memories about them.
I only have few years of expirience and I already have happy clients from different countries and overseas.
Please have a look at my gallery at: www.artbylove.co.uk
You can also contact me or see more of my drawings on instagram or facebook: @artbygenuinelove
Simply drop me a message and we can discuss the way you prefer your portrait to look like.

Your Dream is Here

Enjoy Some You-Time

Hello! I am Nina.
I love seeing what others create and connecting with fellow crafters so please say hi!
Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!

The Best Experience Ever

Dear friends, let me share my love with you with my needle felt creations made from the heart!
Nina Edwards
sevretary of Albion Art Club

Your Dream Craft is Here

Vida Bingham

Knitting, fashion,toys

A wide range of things. A short list: wool, women’s work and traditional knitting, knitted toys. I enjoy subverting this traditionally warm and nurturing fibre. Wool is easy to knit with; it enables me to construct complex forms. It also takes colour well and I enjoy the feel of it as it passes through my hands.

My passion for knitting

Vida Bingham
knit designer