This second book from Lithuanian Author Aldona Grupus supersedes her first one in a totally unique way.  Whilst the first book was a compilation sharing the stories, adventures and hardships of Lithuanians coming to the UK from the 1940’s onwards; this book highlights much of her own journey. 

As an author she again successfully narrates from a unique perspective the generic experiences newcomers have coming to make a life in the UK from any country.  She however, takes it from a different perspective – in terms of her work.  Both her and her husband have exceptional professional qualifications and experiences in the medical field – yet her struggle to be able to join this field in the UK is both heart wrenching and warming too.

The book will strike many a chord with professionals in the medical and health care field in many ways; the differences and similarities across experiences in the UK and overseas about being a Nurse and taking care of patients.  In addition, it will open professional’s eyes to the struggle that those with a heart to make a difference, just as they do in the field, come across barriers, obstacles, racism, mistrust and difficult challenges to be involved in their own professional rights in the UK.  The author in so many ways shows institutional issues within the NHS and care field that have been overcome by herself and her peers of all nationalities. 

Furthermore, for those who are not in the medical, health or care field – don’t let this deter you from being stirred by the experiences of those who assist so magnificently to make the UK health care system such a fine, professional and rare system that all of us, and our loved ones benefit from at various points in ours and their lives.  Be inspired by the hearts of those Nurses such as the author, who stand in the gap to ensure that whatever scenario or circumstance the nurses aid, the Nurse practitioner, or Matron has to manage in their long hour’s days – their hearts remain strong, nurturing, professional and caring right up to the very last breath of those in end of life care.

As with Aldona’s first book – this is another that will be hard to put down; easy to be challenged and compelled to see things in a new light – but most of all, be inspired by.  This is a must read for anyone from any community, background, religion or profession – to be reminded of the amazing, courageous and outstanding work that is specialised to the hearts of those in Nursing. 



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