Galina Hartshorn 

reviewed Aldona Grupas – 5 star

17 June 2018 · 

Aldona Grupas is a very talented, kind, positive and creative person. I am so proud to see how Aldona grown for the last 2 years, created new books in several languages, made so many book presentations, sales, she is constantly traveling and always finding the time for her friends and family. I am wishing Aldona all the best in her new projects, health, and happiness. Looking forward to reading new books very soon. The world is waiting for your unfolding creativity!!

Johanna Tresierra >>>


Aldona’s attitude, enthusiasm and believe are incredible. She has been an inspiration fir the last three years. She keeps growing and growing

Interview with Johanna >>>




Eva Dalgety >>>

Aldona is truly an inspirational woman. I met Aldona prior to writing her first book and when she was thinking about it with not much belief. Aldona went on to develop a positive attitude and mindset and back this up with incredible actions to produce thought-provoking books and a cherished leader in her community. Reliable, thoughtful and warm, Aldona is an around lovely person.

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