I wish you a great day today and would like to share Bob’s Proctor article with you. 


I want to share something I was just reading by Herman
Hesse, a Nobel prize winner in literature. He said, “I have always believed and I still believe  that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way, we can always give it meaning  and transform it into something of value.”


Now, think about that. Whatever good or bad fortune comes your way, you can always  give it meaning and transform it into something of value. You see, these are the kinds of attitudes we want to practice on a daily basis—we don’t put it away for something that might happen next month. We live with it for whatever happens today.

Whatever comes your way today, turn it into something of value. Make it worthwhile.

Make today a great day.

It is just a decision that you are going to make. Do it right now.

This is Bob Proctor.


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