The Way of the Heart

The harsh period of modern history changed the way of life for many people.For Asta, a beautiful and charming girl from Lithuania, it was a period of longing, learning, and love. As a young mother struggling to make ends meet in a broken marriage, she did what she had to do to provide: she left the country of her birth to seek out a better life and provide for her family.For Firaz, a Christian born into conflict in Iraq, being forced to flee persecution meant uncertainty and strife. Together with his sister, they left the only home they ever knew; they were now refugees, in search of acceptance.Fate has a funny way of accomplishing the unlikely, especially when the path is unknown. For Asta and Firaz, the paths they have chosen led them to find their fate, and ultimately to find their love.

Who is it for?

Novels from the “dashing 90s” changed the lives of many women. During that time, our Asta—a young but already married woman who had become captured by worldly hardships—fought hard for her family every day. She honestly believed this is how things were supposed to be. However, at some point, young Asta realized that she could no longer wait for the changes that would bring new and better times to her life. Th e love in Asta’s marriage was gone, and what remained was nothing more than trouble in the form of an irresponsible and selfi sh husband. Asta had developed an attitude of indiff erence. Th eir marriage carried on, primarily through the force of inertia. Th is could have gone on indefi nitely if not for Mr. Chance who came along to intervene in her fate. Asta was off ered a job in Denmark, which had completely turned her life upside down. It is during that time when Asta meets her love, who turns out to be an Arab man from Iraq. Real life is sometimes more amazing than any fairy tale. Th is is Asta’s story

Copenhagen. A beautiful and happy northern city. It
was morning, and sunshine winked through the window. I fed the family, walked the dog, and ran off to my
nursing courses. Not so long ago I decided to acquire a
new profession. Soon after was the defence of a diploma—
probably the last diploma in my life. Although, as they say,
never say never

I t was the year 2005. I lived my new life and was happy
in my own way. I met with friends and continued working. Nothing serious happened, until one particular event.
A friend invited me to visit him. He met a girl from Lithuania and said that she would bring her friend to join us.
I already knew my friend’s girlfriend, and we were also
friends. When I fi rst arrived and saw her friend Asta, I
thought, Who is this? Who do they want to introduce me to?