I remember Christmas meetings with family and my godparents, when I was a child.
We then lived in Riga. Then there were Soviet times and you couldn’t have celebrated Christmas in public. We are Lithuanians and always belong to the Lithuanian community in which country we live.


At Christmas, there was always a big Christmas tree, a lot of food on tables. I liked how the food was decorated. There were little lambs made from butter and it looked so beautiful that it was unfortunate that it would be eaten. I really cared about sweets and chocolates.


We used to put our kids on the stool in a row and we would say poems and for that Santa would give us sweets and chocolates.
Christmas was and still is an unforgettable holiday and always a welcome one. It is a celebration not only of the stomach, but also of emotion and soul. Meeting with friends and relatives is an invaluable asset.

Of course, the “tradition” has changed. There is no routine anymore. Every holiday is different, depending on who is available to share the day.
I now know it’s a time to celebrate one another and remember once again how we are all family.


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